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Gold Kitty Set

Kitty Sets are everyday wearable small necklaces that can be used on small occasions as well as in the work environment.Look elegant and chic with our gold kitty set. These pieces are perfect for adding a touch of sophistication and style to any occasion. 

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Versatile Round Mesh Necklace Set
Versatile Hanging Orb Necklace Set
Versatile Hanging CZ Necklace
Upscale Interlinked MultiBead Set
Upscale Floral Dome Necklace Set
Unique Vintage Jali Work Necklace Set
Unique Triple Drop Necklace Set
Unique Striped Lace Necklace Set
Unique Shimmering Oval Set w/ Bracelet
Unique MultiChain Shimmering Hearts Necklace
Unique Infinity Loop Necklace Set
Unique High Finish Chandelier CZ Set
Traditional Enamel Necklace Set
Timeless CZ Square Charm Necklace
ThreeTone Marquise Necklace Set w/Bracelet
Tasteful Tassel Necklace Set
Tasteful Round Black CZ Necklace
Swirling Floral Motif Necklace Set
Stunning Floral Leaf Set w/ Bracelet
Stunning Chand Drop Necklace Set
Striking Rope Necklace Set
Stately Rajkort Necklace
Stately Paisley Necklace Set
Sparkling Striped Orb Necklace
Sophisticated Flowing Chandelier Necklace Set
Smooth Sand Finish Dual Halo Necklace
Sleek Sophisticated Hanging Orb Necklace
Shiny White CZ Necklace
Shimmery Alternating Orb Necklace
Ritzy TwoTone Marquise Drop Necklace
Regal Hanging Ruby Set
Reflective Striped Clover Necklace Set
Refined VShaped Floral Necklace Set
Refined Pear Drop Set
Radiant Graduating Halo Set w/ Bracelet
Radiant Detailed Half Dome Set
Radiant Chand Necklace Set w/ Tassels
Posh Mesh Flower Set w/ Bracelet
Posh Checkered Marquise Necklace Set
Posh Chandelier Tassel Necklace Set
Posh Beaded Chand Necklace Set
Petite Fancy Necklace Set
Palatial Round Floral Necklace Set
Palatial Floral CZ Necklace
Ornate Pink CZ Adorned Antique Set
Ornate Pear Drop Statement Necklace Set
Ornate Netted Leaf Necklace Set
Ornate DiamondShaped Necklace Set
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