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Unlimited Listing

There is no limit on the number of listings on our website, you can list unlimited number of Jewellery as you want.

Dynamic Pricing

The price of your jewellery will get auto updated as per the daily Gold Rate. There would be no need from your end to change it manually on a daily basis. Gold rate is calculated using proportion automatically.

Worldwide Selling

Our Platform is open for the world, that means you can sell your jewelry to foreign countries too. Don't worry about shipping. On international order duties and shipping will be born by the customer.

Mobile Application

The jewellery listed by the seller on our site are easily accessible through our user-friendly mobile application. We use next-gen technology for instant downloading of our mobile App on visitor mobile without even visiting the App/Play Store.



Insured domestic shipping facility is provided to our sellers. This includes tamper proof outer packing material and logistics i.e., pickup and delivery of the jewellery to the customer's doorstep in a 100% secured manner thought-out India with help of various shipping providers.

Direct Chat

Seller would be able to communicate with the customer through chatting option available on our site. Customer will also be able to directly chat with the seller on our platform instantly, as there may be times when customer has a query in mind, which they can clear easily in real time before buying.

Direct WhatsApp Contact

There is a WhatsApp Chat Facility integrated, where seller and Buyer can interact directly through most commonly used messaging and calling app "WhatsApp". Customer would be able to clear their doubts by directly contacting the seller over WhatsApp.

Manage B2B Selling Facility

We also facilitate seller to seller sale of jewellery , in which one seller can sell and purchase other seller's jewellery through our platform. Many time it happens that customer bring you the design from our website to be made on order, but that design is of some other seller in this case you can contact seller support to buy that Jewellery for fixed rates of 100 & 105, Benefiting both the sellers.

Professional Photography

Photography Assistance is provided to all the sellers so they could make the best use of technology available to them.

Export Facility

Our listed Seller will be provided assistance in regard to export of their Jewellery to foreign Customers. When there is an international order or if the seller want to send his jewellery outside Indian boundaries, we will provide export and shipment related assistance to them.

Dedicated Store Page

A dedicated store page is created for each seller. This Store page will have all the information related to you and your Store/Showroom Location along with contact details and Map Location. All your jewellery listing is available on this single page to facilitate the sharing of designs with your customer. Just share this link to your customer to show them all of your jewellery collection.

WhatsApp Promotion

Seller's Jewellery promotion on WhatsApp. This feature includes professionally designed promotion of the seller's jewellery over WhatsApp. Designing and campaign will be managed by our professional team.


Dedicated Store Link & QR

A store link with an QR Code is generated for every seller. This link and the QR Code are unique to Every seller for their store page, that will allow easy accessibility to their jewellery collection.

CashBack To The Customer

Attractive Cashback is given to each customer on every single purchase. Now you don't need to worry about bringing customer back to you as these cashbacks can be redeem by the customer on their next shopping at our website. These cashbacks will help getting customer back to your page for further shopping.

Payment Processing Charges

Payment processing charges are applicable on Every Successful payment transaction done through our website, a processing charge at the rate of 2-3% of the total payment will be applicable.

Facebook and Instagram Promotion

Our Subscription package includes promotion of seller jewellery and Store page on social media platform such as Facebook and Instagram 24 times in a year. These promotions are professionally designed by the expert Graphic designers and Social Media Advertisers to get you the best response. The starting cost of such type of promotions alone costs around 30,000 but we are giving you this free along with our seller subscription.

Daily Reels Sharing On Instagram

Our Instagram and facebook has more than 10k reach, So Seller can make Instagram Reels of their jewellery and sent those Reels to us to get them shared on our page to get better reach and buyers. There is no limit of such shares.

YouTube Promotion

YouTube is one of the mostly used online video sharing and social media platform which engage millions of people, in order to attract the attention of those customer, seller can make video of their jewelry design and can sent that to us. We will share those videos on our YouTube page tagging the Seller store page with a link on the video description box.

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