Omio Gold Testing Machine | Density Meter | Bandhel Testing Machine

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Omio Gold Testing Machine | Density Meter | Bandhel Testing Machine

Our Density Meter analyses Gold Purity on a Density base with help of the Archimedes Principle. The Purity of Gold can be measured in a few Seconds without a Damage sample. This is one of the Density Meters, which corrects the Accuracy by determination of Liquid Density and Temperature of Liquid.

Measure type:

Solid plain jewellery, melted gold, coins & also solid bandhel jewellery (like gold coating on copper) can also be detected.

How it Works

  • First step is to take the weight of the sample on the air table of our analytical scale. Let’s call it weight in air.
  • Second step is to take the weight o f the sample in beaker filled with liquid. Let’s call it weight in liquid.
  • Third step is to feed both of these weights in our mobile application in their respective fields to take the weight of the sample in beker filled with liquid. Lets call it weight in liquid. respective fields.
  • Hit the check gold purity button to find out the purity of gold in the sample


No radiation is involved in the density meter, thus making them safer to use without any specific precautions.


It’s the only density meter that can calculate the gold content in the complete sample thereby making it possible to find out the gold purity in bandhel jewellery or gold plated jewellery.

User friendly

Density meters are smaller in size, thus making them more convenient to handle and operate.


Density meter have very low to zero maintenance as its analytical instrument is just a weighing scale and it does not require any maintenance.


XRF machine just checks the upper layer of the sample till 200 μm (0.2mm), whereas the density meter calculates the purity in the complete sample; not just the skin.


To make it convenient for the jewellers, the density meter is designed in such a way that it just costs a fraction of the XFR testing machine price.

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Note : Hollow and stone studded jewellery won’t be checked.

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